Leadership Tools and Accelerators

ELP’s goal is to fight the long war of building sustainable performance and results through smart planning and developing consistently strong leaders. But just because you’re fighting the long war, doesn’t mean that small wins should count any less. Actually, small wins add up, build momentum and morale, and create lasting gains. The Leadership Tools and Accelerators we offer here might be just what you need to start making incremental improvements. Remember, a competitive advantage is gained an inch at a time. So put these tools to the test and see if they don’t move the needle for your team. Want more? Reach out to robin@elpadvantage.com.

Leadership Tools

Meeting Effectiveness Scorecard

150 Meeting Effectiveness Scorecard

Teamwork Continuum Leadership Tool

How Function or Dysfunctional is Your Team?

Sample Simplified, Strategic One Page Plan

Lead the Best, be the Best! Engage a Committed Workforce.

C Suite Corner

Continuous learning is how the best stay on top. Are your leader behaviors enhancing the culture and keeping your team on top?
Do you need a ‘tune-up’?

Every leadership team has its challenges, and we have the tools at ELP to help your organization overcome them. We will help you improve communications, be more accountable and build a results-oriented culture. Reach out to us to discuss your particular challenge: Contact Robin Bichy, ELP Founding Partner at robin@elpadvantage.com.