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Lack of leadership alignment and focus negatively influences safety metrics, equipment reliability, capacity factor and Human Performance (HU). Additionally, it propels stations toward high-risk transients such as unplanned power outages or personnel safety mishaps.


ELP’s innovative Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process integrates core principles of strategic planning, executive coaching, and assessment that re-establishes focus, alignment, and accountability.


Two of our clients experienced full quartile improvements in the industry recognized INPO index within the first nine months of working with ELP, while another station saved approximately $7 million per year by reducing their unplanned power interruptions from four to zero in a 12-month turnaround.

“I can’t think of another consultancy that impacted performance more than ELP. I’ve yet to find another process that drives focus and alignment as much as ELP’s Strategic Performance Management. What is truly revolutionary is that they make it so simple to understand and execute. Results are guaranteed.

– Don Grissette, Former Senior VP executive at both FP&L and TVA