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Correctional Facilities


Correctional facilities need improved systems and processes more than ever. Rebuilding their culture to increase trust, respect, and accountability is mission critical and will improve both the inmates and the correctional officers’ environments.


We conducted our customized Leadership Academy to provide a standard set of leadership tools and then implemented our unique Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process to reinforce alignment and accountability.


ELP’s Leadership Academies and SPM process creates a more focused, aligned, and accountable leadership team. Additional benefits are increased transparency and improved safety metrics and reduced rate of turnover.

If you want to unlock the leadership potential of your team and build a more aligned cadre of leaders, you must go with Excelerated Leadership Partners and their custom Leadership Academies. ELP exceeded our expectations and, thanks to them as a force multiplier, we accelerated our transformation into a high performing organization anchored on exceptional leadership…

– Brian Clark, Past President of PPWA, Director of Corrections, Dauphin County Prison