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Strategic Performance Management

The secret sauce of ELP and the catalyst for our meteoric rise over the last decade can be singlehandedly traced to our acronym of SPM, which stands for Strategic Performance Management (SPM). Embraced by some of the world’s largest and most successful firms, ELP’s SPM Process works every time, without fail. Described by our clients as elegant in its simplicity, SPM fuses three disparate worlds into one comprehensive product and service. Without any historic precedent of any kind, ELP fuses simplified strategic planning, executive and leadership coaching, and HR/performance assessment and evaluation into one, holistic package.

The launch point for ELP’s SPM is re-thinking the entire notion of what constitutes an effective and actionable strategic plan. Based on scholarly research and battle tested over 1000 times, we begin with the assumption that we can simplify the strategic planning process. Instead of laboring over an expensive and time consuming 200-page strategic plan that nobody would ever consult, we build a simplified, strategic One Page Plan for our clients with timeframes of 12 – 18 months. This means that this strategic plan can adapt with any environmental or competitive force; it is changeable and adaptable. Always. Even more, every single one of our simplified strategic plans is actionable and measurable.

After we build a simplified, strategic One Page Plan, we catapult the client or organization toward immediate success through a variant of executive/leadership coaching that’s quickly becoming the envy of the coaching industry. Specifically, our coaching intervention is anything but esoteric and theoretical. Rather, it is performance oriented and focused on the simplified, strategic One Page Plan mentioned above. Akin to a physical trainer with whom one would develop a personalized fitness plan, we do much of the same. To be sure, at times, our coaching involves “tough love” and courageous conversations. But it is impossible to dismiss the results; performance—EVERYTIME—improves with this structured approach.

Finally, our process allows, encourages, and, even, demands assessment. The simplified, strategic One Page Plan is designed to be measured; always assessing results, and course correcting as needed.

The footprint of ELP and our SPM is all around us. Our nation’s largest utilities are more reliable. America’s largest nuclear power plants are safer. Heavy manufacturing is more profitable and more environmentally conscious. Common across these phenomena is the presence of ELP’s SPM. Don’t be left behind. Engage ELP on this simple, but groundbreaking, orientation to improving individuals and organizations.

Plan, Coach, Assess = Results

Strategic Performance Management Process©

  • Actionable Strategic Plans + Simplified Strategic Planning
  • Accountable Executive Coaching + Leadership Development
  • Human Performance (HU) Assessment
  • Increased Organizational Focus & Alignment