Insurance Massachusetts

All Aboard! Embedding a Strong Safety Culture

Heavy manufacturing is hard—just ask one of the world’s largest railcar manufacturers. Tons of steel, fused with fire and flames from continual welding, result in railcars on our tracks. Given the sheer amount of steel and flame, combined with over 70,000 man-hours per month, there is a high probability for mistakes.

There was concern about some erosion of safety performance given a rather significant turnover within the management team. Partnering with an ambitious and highly capable cadre of executive leaders, ELP was asked to join the fight to enhance safety in one of the most challenging and dangerous manufacturing environments.


  • Re-engaged the organization’s values system.
  • Provided world class Values Training armed with the belief that it is impossible to earn a strong safety record while practicing weak or ineffectual values.
  • Fused ELP’s Values-First approach and Strategic Performance Management Process.


  • Greatly improved safety, including a record 3 out of 4 months with perfect safety, 0.00 incident rate.
  • Safety performance remains strong to this day.

“We partnered with ELP to improve our leadership focus, emphasize our teamwork, and drive our management team dynamics to gain a competitive advantage. ELP’s leadership development and executive coaching model is rigorous, challenging, and intensely focused on the development needs of each leader. They challenged and guided our leaders to develop individual Strategic Performance Plans that stretched us, produced challenging objectives, and ultimately, helped us obtain the results we were striving for.”

– Rick Hunt, Vice President, General Manager at Greenbrier – Gunderson