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Better. Faster. Stronger Leaders.

At Excelerated Leadership Partners—ELP, we stand solid behind the premise that the source of sustainable competitive advantage is found exclusively through great leadership.

At ELP, we are peerless. We fuse excellence and acceleration into all leadership development. Especially among high-risk/high-hazard regulated industries, we transform organizations into examples of strong leadership and unquestionable strength. Using our time-tested and best-in-class methodology, we partner with these organizations to ensure that their leaders appreciate—never depreciate—in value sooner.

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"The ELP team makes some rather bold claims. Namely, that leadership, team alignment, and unit performance will improve if you engage them. We put ELP to the test by embedding them in our Maintenance organization. After working and observing them for over 2 years, I can tell you that they come as advertised. They helped us build a stronger team and arrested our performance decline. Our next generation of leadership is primed for sustainability. In short, we're better because of them."

- MAINTENANCE MANAGER, nationally recognized energy plant

"We have now had ELP engaged for the past three years to help our firm TessT, LLC and its brand become a stronger, more viable business. ELP has contributed to our truly improved operational capability by helping us: "

  • focus on the key issues of the business.
  • build and review our annual plan regularly and learn new things about our business.
  • assess ourselves against our key metrics—and develop action plans to hit our targets.

The results speak for themselves in our revenue growth and profit improvement.


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