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Work Management: The Ultimate Team Sport

A nuclear power station enjoyed a long period of high performance until a serious event shook the confidence of the entire station. After the event, the station’s attempts to get the performance back on track were unsuccessful.

This station relied heavily on relationships to get work done and the stress of this period exposed several significant process gaps resulting in additional industry oversight. Senior managers were not aligned and did not communicate effectively with each other. Engineering, Operations, Work Management and Maintenance departments drifted apart, resulting in silos.

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ELP’s Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process

  • Developed simplified, strategic One Page Plans for 32 station leaders.
  • Linked all plans horizontally and vertically resulting in immediate improvement in alignment and focus.
  • Implemented a thematic coaching intervention which further enhanced cross-department communications, alignment and accountability.
  • Integrated current efforts and developed new processes to ensure sustainability.
  • Facilitated leadership team Off-Sites to reinforce alignment and to continue driving the “right” leadership behaviors to deliver sustained results.


  • A step-change in behavior that restored horizontal and vertical alignment.
  • The station went from 4th to 1st quartile performance.
  • Online maintenance planning and execution led their fleet of eleven nuclear plants
  • Refueling Outage following ELP intervention was one of the best in history and returned on-line two days early.
Our KPI’s have been all green for the past 4 months (and preliminary numbers for November are also all green). It paints a fairly positive picture. As you have coached me, giving credit is free. This was truly a team effort with a lot of different players. I also continue to work on saying something positive at EVERY meeting and working on small wins. I do believe this has been instrumental at changing behaviors.

– Work Control Manager at Nuclear Power Plant