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Manufacturing & Construction


Today’s manufacturing processes, faced with technological advances, need a tool that blends the old with the new, manages complexity without overwhelming the workforce, and integrates human processes with the quick-changing manufacturing procedures common across the industrial landscape.


Fortunately, ELP’s proprietary Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process is well chronicled for finding “the signal among the many noises” associated with heavy manufacturing; a calming influence on the turbulence that is today’s American manufacturing sector.


Armed with a tool that enhances human and machine processes, our clients see spectacular results in the pivotal manufacturing dimensions of safety, environmental stewardship, quality, and efficiency.

We partnered with ELP to improve our leadership focus, emphasize our teamwork, and drive our management team dynamics to gain a competitive advantage. ELP’s leadership development and executive coaching model is rigorous, challenging, and intensely focused on the development needs of each leader. They challenged and guided our leaders to develop individual Strategic Performance Plans that stretched us, produced challenging objectives, and ultimately, helped us obtain the results we were striving for.

– Rick Hunt – Vice President, General Manager at Greenbrier – Gunderson