Insurance Massachusetts

Creating an Operations Led Organization

Excelerated Leadership Partners (ELP) forged an alliance with the largest electrical generating facility which houses two of the three largest generating units in New England producing steady output of 2100 MWe. This facility was suffering from a range of serious performance problems, including a reactivity event and a series of missteps, including poor training interventions at the site level.


ELP’s Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process

  • Initiated station wide vs. unit specific behaviors and protocols.
  • Embedded a continuous learning mindset.
  • Created simplified, strategic One Page Plans for key leaders.
  • Improved Stakeholder and Regulator management and communication processes.
  • Implemented Outage planning tools.


  • Serious sanctions for the reactivity event were avoided.
  • Execution of one of the most successful Refueling Outages in company history.
  • Company passed a high-risk Training Review Board at the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO).
  • Drove Refueling Outage budgets and schedules to industry standards.
With their expertise, we crafted simple, strategic plans which are one page in length, yet clearly define the focus we need over the next year to be successful. This process not only improved the performance and ability of our 1100 employee team to meet the demands and expectations of our company, it drove us to a level of performance where we consistently and routinely exceeded them.

– SKIP JORDAN, Senior VP at Millstone and Kewaunee Stations