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Executive and Leader Coaching

Coaching occurs out on the gridiron, on the baseball diamond and softball field, on the hard-court, and in the boardroom. Consistent across all of these settings is the unassailable truth that coaching works. At ELP, we are leadership and executive coaches without equal. Coaching, long dismissed as theoretical and esoteric, is anything but when executed the ELP-way. Over the last decade, ELP won hard earned accolades by providing direct, blunt, and actionable feedback in every coaching session without fail. This honest and authentic counsel, of course, allows leaders to get better faster. Armed with a host of tools and assessment instruments, and years of experience, ELP is able to provide executive coaching that is exceptionally nuanced and on-target.

Our expertise in this area is long and storied as we have coached senior executives to individual contributors to first-line supervisors and foremen. Regardless of position within organization, all leaders benefit from ELP coaching. We have found leaders experience both hard and “soft” benefits to include: more in-depth self-awareness, enhanced critical thinking, better understandings of their strengths and developmental needs, greater follower satisfaction, and stronger morale within their teams, which often correlates to lower turnover and increased productivity.

Well versed in all types of mediums, we successfully coach across face-to-face and virtual platforms. Irrespective of mediums, our coaching is, quite simply, transformational. With over 10,000 collective hours of coaching, the empirical evidence is the personal and professional improvement realized by the 500+ leaders we have worked with over the last decade. With this type of winning record, what’s holding you back from signing on to a coaching experience like no other?

“ELP helps us step away from the day to day tasks and focus on the high level activities that help us grow our business…. We grew revenue > 60% in one year working with them.”