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Culture Analysis Like You’ve Never Seen

ELP orchestrated one of the most complex, sophisticated, and on-point cultural analyses in the history of the Department of Energy.

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), an arm of the Department of Energy, has a huge footprint. This agency markets and transmits wholesale electricity from multi-use water projects that spans 15 states and over 17,000 circuit miles.

With the energy industry in the throes of mass disruption and change, WAPA wanted to stay ahead of trends and was committed to innovation. However, they questioned whether their heavily diverse and decentralized culture was capable of embracing and executing the strategic change on the horizon and asked ELP to uncover whether or not their culture could deliver on their ambitious strategic direction.


  • Experts in organizational behavior and communication, ELP customized a comprehensive cultural analysis designed to meet and exceed WAPA’s expectations.
  • Linking quantitative and qualitative analysis, ELP launched a 9-month engagement conducting focus group and survey research across all bands of employees.

  • With conclusions anchored on both regression analysis and the transcribed records of over 40 focus groups involving more than 250 WAPA employees, ELP delivered a nuanced cultural blueprint that exceeded the expectations of WAPA’s leadership.
  • Excelerated Leadership Partners linked all cultural gaps with a training or organizational intervention with the belief that all cultural challenges should be partnered with a smart solution.