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Ethics & Values Training

Sub-par organizations and teams in a state of retreat often appeal to ethics training after a “bad” event occurs. This terribly reactive approach is akin to circling bullet holes; the damage is already done. Instead, many leading organizations choose to go on the offensive and invest in values training to prevent an event from occurring in the first place. When they do so, they often turn to the organization that has, quite literally, written the book on honor, ethics, and compliance training. Hands down, they turn to ELP.

With close to 300 speaking engagements, workshops, and keynotes under our belt to some of North America’s most iconic firms and largest universities, it’s safe to say that bragging rights in the ethics and values domain rests with ELP. Much of their innovative approach is based on the work of one of ELP’s original founders and partners, Dr. Evan Offstein. Gaining Department of the Army approval, Evan conducted research over a 2-year time-frame at our nation’s oldest military academy—West Point. His research resulted in one of the most celebrated books ever written about West Point’s approach to developing leaders of character. Drawing on some of the methods and tactics that West Point leverages to produce such exceptional leaders as Eisenhower, Patton, Pershing, Schwarzkopf, and MacArthur, this novel training approach delivers every time.

Many find ethics and compliance training as a dry, esoteric, and “check-the-box” exercise. Depicting the West Point approach, and demanding high engagement from workshop participants, the context of this training setting is consistently described as “electric”, “profound”, and “provoking”. So, be proactive. Reinforce values and honor training in all that you do. And when you do, turn to the best. Bring in ELP.