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Leadership Academies and Development Program

One of ELP’s core competencies is the expert design and execution of world-class Leadership Academies. We sharpened this skill set over several decades as two of ELP’s original founders and partners, Ray Kniphuisen and Robin Bichy, orchestrated some of the best leadership development programs that the utility sector has ever seen. To this day, leaders continue to levy high praise on Ray and Robin for the architecture and delivery of these Leadership Academies.

The secret sauce is not so secret. Rather, it is loads and loads of listening paired with hard work. At ELP, we craft a curriculum based on a comprehensive need’s analysis. This exacting work always produces a curriculum and syllabus that is laser focused on the needs of the organization. Over the last decade, scores of ELP clients emerged as stronger leaders as they graduated from these leadership development programs because they not only learned much needed skills, they were able to practice and hone them. These include but are not limited to: time management and priority setting, initiating courageous conversations and difficult feedback, and performance management and coaching.

You cannot argue with this maxim—the competitive advantage of any organization rests in the leadership capacity of its supervisors, managers, and executives. For all those that hold this truth sacred and dear, enlist the services of ELP to design and execute a customized Leadership Academy that will provide you a leadership cadre poised and ready to attack the future.

ELP’s Leadership Academies Process