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At Excelerated Leadership Partners—ELP, we stand solid behind the premise that the source of sustainable competitive advantage is found exclusively through great leadership.

At ELP, we are without peer. We fuse excellence and acceleration into all leadership development. Within high risk regulated industries, we turn struggling power stations into examples of strong leadership and unquestionable strength. Using our time-tested and best-in-class methodology, we partner with high risk/high hazard organizations to ensure that their leaders appreciate (never depreciate) in value sooner, quicker.

We deliver results—every time.

Using our unique Strategic Performance Management Process, we flawlessly and seamlessly align three distinct functions: Strategic Planning, Top Shelf Coaching, and Human Performance Assessment, so that your organization will be more focused and aligned, delivering sustainable and measurable performance. When we partner with your organization, leader behavior changes occur immediately resulting in more accountability, quickly followed by a step-jump in results.

Additionally, we offer one of a kind ethics and honorable leadership training that has been vetted by our nation’s very top leaders to make sure your organization stays true to its mandate of serving the community with character first and always.

Proven Success Path

  • Understand plant needs via needs analysis and build syllabus
  • Lesson plans created that follow syllabus
  • Additional tools interspersed with lesson plans
    (i.e. documents covering 'nuclear safety culture' & 'what good leaders are known for')


The Institute of Nuclear Power Operations—INPO—index improved at all stations. One station went from 4th to 1st quartile in 12 months and showed a 2-quartile rise over an 18-month period for two sites, as well as a 100% renewal rate for eligible clients.

  • Record setting Outage performance within 6 months of adopting ELP methodology; another station shortened outage by 2 days
  • Poorly performing station went from 4 major unplanned, annual power outages to zero the following year; cost savings of at least $7 million
  • Reduction of HU events (OPS department resets) reduced by 50% in a 12-month period
  • Recognized by name at multiple stations' NSRBs for improving behaviors and results
  • Handpicked to transform an at-risk site identified by NRC; performance trend increased, and station was removed from probation/95-003
  • Navigated 2 sites through INPO Accreditation Renewal Board; saved 1 at-risk site approximately $10 million

"I can't think of another consultancy that impacted our performance more than ELP. Their methods are one-of-a-kind. I've yet to find another process that drives focus and alignment as much as ELP's Strategic Performance Management. What is truly revolutionary is that they make it so simple. Simple to understand. Simple to follow. Simple to execute. Results are guaranteed."
- SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, nationally recognized energy plant

"With their expertise, we crafted simple, strategic plans which are one page in length, yet clearly define the focus we need over the next year to be successful. This process not only improved the performance and ability of our 1100 employee team to meet the demands and expectations of our company, it drove us to a level of performance where we consistently and routinely exceeded them."
- SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, nationally recognized energy plant