Ray Kniphuisen


Ray KniphuisenRay Kniphuisen is one of the original founders and partners of Excelerated Leadership Partners (ELP). Ray earned his undergraduate degree from The New School and obtained graduate degrees from both Ablertus Magnus College and also from Fielding Graduate University. All of Ray’s degrees focus on Human Resources, Management & Leadership, and/or Organizational Systems and Design. Ray is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he was a nuclear operator and a nuclear prototype instructor. Interestingly, Ray also is a Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, from which he retired after service post 9-11 in such places as Bahrain.

Ray earned his stripes at Dominion Energy in Richmond, Virginia, where his performance continues to shape organizational excellence to this day. Of particular note, Ray expertly led the leadership development staff for the nuclear business unit, which provided revolutionary leadership and organizational development programs along with executive coaching for Dominion’s nuclear fleet of four generating stations. Ray’s magnus opus was the design of a Leadership Academy called Developing the Dominion Leader (DDL). To this day, most of the senior leadership within Dominion’s nuclear fleet are graduates of this outrageously successful program. Even more, the design and delivery of Ray’s Academy caught the attention of industry peers, who attempted to mimic his success. Beyond his exceptional if not groundbreaking work at Dominion, Ray excels in all activities related to training and instruction. For instance, Ray served with distinction as a Leadership and Management instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and became sought out at Abertus Magnus College, where he taught Human Resources Management, Leadership, and Management courses. When Ray’s experiences and skills are integrated, superior products and results occur every time. A case in point is the Leadership Academy called the EMS Leadership Challenge for the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads that Ray singlehandedly constructed and delivered. Of course, Ray owns certifications that reflect excellence in facilitation, such as the MBTI designation.

Over the last decade at ELP, Ray’s expertise contributed to wins across many organizations and across several industries. In addition to nuanced and sophisticated leadership coaching, the kind that only results after years of education and experience, Ray developed a core competency in workshop design. Mainly, partnering with co-founder, Robin Bichy, Ray’s involvement in the design and delivery of organizational offsites is described by our clients as nothing short of sensational. For example, Ray spearheaded a cohort leadership program at one of North American’s largest short-line railroads that involved experiential and dynamic learning activities such as role play and case studies. Apart from corporate offsites, Ray’s notoriety across high-hazard/high risk organizations, in general, and nuclear power stations, in particular, surged as Ray led ELP’s proprietary Strategic Performance Management (SPM) process to a struggling nuclear plant in our nation’ southeast. In the face of sanction and increased oversight, Ray led a cadre of ELP coaches to transform this struggling station from a worst-to-first victory—among the very few ever recorded in the history of commercial nuclear power.

When not resurrecting organizations down on their luck, Ray is an avid reader, active hiker, and runner. In fact, he has completed several marathons and uses his coaching skills with aspiring half-marathoners.

Reach out to Ray at ray@elpadvantage.com.