From the Break Room to the Living Room

Uniting Hybrid teams through COVID-19 and beyond!

A 4-Part Webinar Series From Excelerated Leadership Partners

Have your team members started to show signs of burnout?

Is managing your employees in a virtual environment becoming more difficult by the day?

We’ve created a 4-part webinar series that gives you solutions to work-from-home hurdles from an expert who literally wrote the book on it!

Virtual teams professional, Jason Morwick will guide your company through the unknowns of teleworking and hybrid management with practical tips, humor, and real life experiences.

Prepare to see productivity and profitability of your team increase after watching this series!

Jason is widely regarded as a world expert in teleworking, virtual teams, and remote work. He’s delivered training and policy guidance on telework to organizations such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Treasury, Thomson Reuters, Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many more.

You can purchase individual access to each webinar for $55 or sign-up for the entire series for a discounted price of $199.

Jason Morwick