Executive/Leadership Team Offsite/Retreat

Leadership offsites, or retreats can be of tremendous value, even a powerful turning point for some organizations. Unfortunately, in some organizations, they can add no value and can be a complete waste of time, deserving of the label: “Dilbertesque.” Unless, of course, you choose ELP. That is because we have re-written the narrative here and affixed a new label to corporate offsites and leadership retreats. With ELP, offsites and retreats spark high energy among participants and reinforce healthy dialogue, deep learning, and we enable leaders to better transfer the lessons learned back into daily practice.

A majority of offsites are ill-prepared affairs, which contributes to their low return on investment. We invest heavily in the preparation of each offsite that always guarantees a rich return. This enables us to better understand core organizational issues and allows for a level of facilitation that is unmatched. Perhaps ELP’s fastest growing new offering over the last several years, participants consistently rave about the experiential exercises and the dynamic learning activities. Our ELP leaders and facilitators also expertly weave case studies and role-plays into the offsite and retreat experience, which ignites learning and further deepens understanding. Another degree of separation is that our ELP team follows-thru after the offsite or retreat is over, to ensure participants stay accountable to the decisions and directions decided upon at the offsite. Who does that? We do.

Traditional offsites and retreats are so yesterday. By engaging ELP to organize, plan, facilitate, and lead your organization’s or your team’s offsite, you are choosing a team that has put a new and remarkable stamp on corporate and leadership offsites and retreats. After trying us once, you will never go back.