Robin Bichy


Robin BichyRobin Bichy is one of the original founders and partners of Excelerated Leadership Partners (ELP). Robin is a graduate of William & Mary and holds an MBA from George Washington University. Lauded throughout many of our nation’s top industries, Robin is renown as an expert leadership coach, brilliant facilitator, and master organizational development (OD) specialist.

As one of the principals at ELP, Robin brings a wealth of experience to the table that is the envy of many. For years, Robin earned accolades for her leadership at Dominion Energy, a Fortune 500 firm, where she led cross-disciplinary teams to consistently deliver remarkable business results. While at Dominion, she was the lead architect in the first comprehensive leadership academy for Dominion’s distribution business, which received high praise from a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Not stopping there, Robin further illustrated her forward-thinking orientation and her penchant for developing people by defining a strategy for a learning culture that resulted in the first-of-its-kind automated career development planning tool that drove and tracked developmental coaching conversations across a 2000-person organization. Robin also expertly guided the formation of a leadership attributes model that was embraced by over 300 Dominion leaders. It enabled a leadership brand that was put to use in selection and performance evaluation decisions. Predictably, Robin’s career at Dominion could best be described as meteoric as she held the positions of Regional Manager, District Manager, Manager Customer Service, and Director—Personnel and Administration. Along the way, she led aggressive reorganizations, managed remote and virtual teams, and supervised some of the most complex construction projects within Dominion’s sphere. For Robin, it was all in a day’s work!

ELP and its portfolio of clients have come to rely on and depend upon Robin’s experience and world-class knowledge base. Specifically, Robin is without peer as it relates to developing workshops, offsites, and corporate retreats. What many in industry come to expect as boring with little utility, Robin infuses each and every workshop and offsite with energy and value. Because of Robin, ELP continues to earn the highest of praise for its dynamic workshops that involve hands-on activities, role plays, small group break-outs, homework, and accountability partners. There may be better corporate retreats and workshops out there, but we haven’t heard of any. Based on the demand from our clients, they haven’t either. In addition to this incredible gift, Robin is also quite skilled at employing her OD skill set to develop smart and simple companion tools that ‘plug in’ to existing books and articles, such as The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

When not delivering top shelf workshops or applying the craft of leadership coaching, Robin can be found reading. She also likes to travel, engage with friends over a meal, and is quite active in her local church where she volunteers some of these same skill sets described above to the benefit of many.

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