Improved Leadership. Competitive Advantage.

Each month, ELP offers a discrete and actionable leadership tool that can be deployed in 30 minutes or less. These activities are out-of-the box and dynamic learning activities (DLAs) that require some leadership swagger and boldness. This month, we offer the promise of field time.

At ELP, we build simplified, strategic One Page Plans that combine strategy, personal development, and performance improvement. These simplified, strategic One Page Plans are a cornerstone to our business model and without question account for revolutionary individual and team performance. In a review of the almost 1,000 simplified, strategic One Pagers that we’ve built over the last several years, one theme was on almost 60% of them, that of field time.

So, we offer this leadership activity. Say NO to something and get out into the field, away from your desk, for at least 30 minutes per week. Even better, always go to the field with a three to five word purpose like ’evaluate safety’, ’engage and listen’, ’observe a high impact event’, or ’share my mission and top two priorities’. Focus on that purpose. Going to the field aimlessly doesn’t serve you—or those you lead—well. So, again, say NO and get out into the field. In a 40 or 50 hour week, we all can step away from the desk or the office to visit the field for at least 30 minutes. If you can’t, revisit our NO discussion from December 2014.