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ELP’s code of conduct is to fight the long war of building sustainable performance and results through smart planning and extraordinary leadership. But just because you’re fighting the long war, doesn’t mean that small wins should count any less. To the contrary! Small wins add up and lead to monumental and lasting gains. In this section of Leadership Tools and Accelerators, we offer a little magic that, when applied, can generate immediate returns. Feel free to put these to the test and see if they don’t move the needle even just a bit. Remember, a competitive advantage is gained an inch at a time. So, never dismiss these tools, exercises, accelerators, and practices out of hand. Want more? Reach out to

The expertise in the leadership arena is vast and world renown at Excelerated Leadership Partners. If you or your leadership team has a challenge, there's likely an ELP resource or article on that topic. Don't see it in the list below? Reach out to Robin to discuss your particular goal: Robin Bichy, ELP Founding Partner at

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