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Again, we are throwing out a curveball. Next month or the month after, we’ll go back to bragging or spotlighting some good news about us or some of our clients. But we’ve decided to keep the Navy theme, intact, throughout this newsletter. Several months ago we heard Jocko Willink on a Podcast. Willink was a commanding officer in U.S. Navy SEAL Task Unit Bruiser through the Battle of Ramadi. SEAL Unit Bruiser remains the most highly decorated special operations unit during the Global War on Terror. He teamed up with Leif Babin, another SEAL commander, to author the book—Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALS Lead and Win. Here’s what we like—the stories are powerful and, because of their potency, they tend to drive leadership points home strong and hard, time and again. The messages of ownership and accountability under all circumstances are on-target. Each chapter has a theme situated within this global accountability and ownership mindset or framework. For many of our clients that are considered high-risk, high-hazard organizations, this book seems particularly appropriate.

Here’s what we didn’t like.... Although the stories are remarkably accessible for a military oriented leadership book, this book may have some slight gender bias; men may like and enjoy this book more than women. In sum, though, the pros outweigh the few cons. A link to the book can be found here: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALS Lead and Win.

Of course, at ELP, we align behind a similar mantra of ownership and accountability. To see how we can help build these important leadership reservoirs within your organization, please email Robin Bichy at

ELP is proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with TI-Verbatim to land a significant contract with the U.S. Department of Energy. Beating out more than 10 different vendors, the partnership of TI-Verbatim and ELP will begin a substantive Cultural Needs Analysis for an organization within the Department of Energy. This continues to solidify ELP’s sterling and unparalleled reputation in all things related to energy. To be sure, we are proud of all our partnerships and TI-Verbatim is no different. To learn more about the exceptional organization that is TI-Verbatim, please visit their website at:

ELP is no stranger to heavy manufacturing. After proving our mettle in the most difficult of environments, ELP is proud to announce their entry into the commercial vacuum and pump system industry. Specifically, ELP is partnering with a long time collaborator, Doug Moran and his team at If You Will Lead, to impact sales and operations at the industry leader in this space, Busch vacuum and pumps. At ELP, we are excited to enter this formal partnership with If You Will Lead. Even more, we are looking forward to entering a new industry. To learn more about the most technologically advanced vacuum and pump system manufacturer in the world, we invite you to check out their website at: There’s few in the business as good as Doug Moran. To learn more about him, you can visit our website at or visit his website at