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A couple months back we shared with you what we were reading. Then, we shared in a more recent post, what tools we’re using. This month, we want to share with you what we’re watching. Before we share, we’ll say in advance that some of you may send us for a Fitness for Duty test here. One of the more amazing movies that we’ve seen recently was a documentary. It’s called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It’s on Netflix, and before you send us out for medical observation, let us make this claim: there’s not a better movie in terms of standards, continual improvement, self-criticality and, just what it means to approach and secure a standard of excellence.

This award-winning documentary traces the life of Jiro, who’s been making and perfecting the craft of sushi for 70 years. That’s right, he’s 85 and has been making sushi for more than 70 years! His restaurant only seats 10 and doesn’t even have a bathroom! By far, it is the smallest restaurant in the world to achieve Michelin’s 3 Stars. We liked this movie because we tend to deal with organizations that don’t provide jobs; they provide professions like that of a nuclear professional. It is hard to watch this and not grab for a pen and notebook and immediately jot down ideas. This documentary showcases what it means to approach your work as a craftsperson, with impeccable standards, with moving standards that get higher as we continually improve, and the necessary skill to be self-critical—even harshly self-critical. As crazy as this sounds, we’d make this mandatory watching, if we could, for every leader that we work with. It’s that good. Grab the popcorn, and give it a look. There are many worse ways you could spend 90 minutes. This movie, we feel, will stick with you and improve your orientation on how you approach your work.

Speaking of teamwork, ELP is proud to announce and welcome two leaders to our team. Impeccable credentials for both, we begin with arms open for Marsha Friedman. Marsha makes leaders. Recognized for her ability to develop talent, Marsha was the lead architect in a career development initiative at Diebold that became the envy of the industry. The core activity at ELP is building stronger leaders to drive competitive advantage. Marsha’s talent management experience folds nicely into our core biz. You can learn more about Marsha here.

We are also proud to announce the arrival of Jack Risendal. If that name sounds familiar, it probably should. Jack was one of the senior-most HR professionals at the Fortune 500 giant Dominion Power until his retirement in late September. Jack is a natural fit for all things ELP. We want leaders who know how to develop people, but also appreciate the utility, energy, and high-hazard sectors. Few can touch Jack in this regard. Jack integrates his knowledge of HR and people development directly into the Generation side of the utility/energy business. We were lucky to get Jack to join our team and our clients will be even luckier from his engagement. To learn more about Jack, visit here.

Last month, we told you what we were reading. Now, we’re going to switch it up, again, and tell you not what we’re reading, but what we’re using. We are going to open up the kimono a bit here and offer a glimpse of the tools that we employ day-in, day-out to make organizations and teams and leaders better. This is a freebee; use as you see fit. This diagnostic and thought-provoking tool captures a leader trait that dovetails nicely with the impending danger of fast approaching Hurricanes. To unlock our Sense of Urgency tool, click here.

To see more of our 50 plus tools for assessment and development or, more importantly, to get the coaching behind all of these tools, email Robin Bichy at You’ll be better for it.