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Recently, ELP led a Root Cause Evaluation (RCE) focused on gaps in Technical Conscience behaviors across a nuclear site. The nuclear industry continues to integrate the learning’s from IER 14-20, Integrated Risk – Healthy Technical Conscience, and, INPO 10-005 – 2010 – Principles for Maintaining an Effective Technical Conscience. Although these documents are focused on large projects (IER 14-20), and Engineering Departments (INPO 10-005), the retiring of experienced nuclear professionals, and not only engineers, will continue to be a concern in the industry.

Corrective actions for this RCE are:

  • Conduct an assessment of Site Senior Leadership Team Technical Conscience by external Senior Leadership peers perspective (Does this site have the right picture of excellence?)
  • Conduct Formal Benchmarking and implement Technical Conscience best practices
  • Conduct Performance Based Learning activity to challenge the status quo
  • Develop and implement continuing Technical Conscience training for non-engineering personnel

These actions will go a long way to helping all station personnel understand and behave with a strong technical conscience, but clearly, more focus and attention is needed.

At ELP not only can we help address these important staffing and development and leadership issues, we also lead Root Cause Evals that are nuanced, sophisticated, on-time, under budget, and impactful in their recommendations and corrective actions. Speak with one of our original founders and principals, Robin Bichy, at 703.999.5676 to learn more about how we can transform the way you think about RCEs for your organization.