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We’re not normally quote hoarders. We shun the ‘quote of the day’ and often reject motivational quotes as mere filler. Until we found this one. The quote is by Tim Ferriss. Tim is a celebrated author of the 4-Hour Work Week and launches a weekly, highly followed blog that aims to rethink performance improvement. Here it is:

"A person’s success in life can usually be measured
by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.”

There’s several reasons we like this quote. Namely, we think it is true. It’s also because it’s fitting, especially in the environs that we operate. For instance, to maintain the highest levels of nuclear safety, there is an imperative to challenge thinking, plans, and leader direction. Sometimes, that can involve conflict. By our very nature, most humans are conflict avoiding. We fear conflict. But getting over that fear is important in our own personal growth and also to maintain the highest of organizational standards. So, reflect on this quote. Ponder it. Let it marinate.

Of course, at ELP, we know a thing or two about crucial and courageous conversations. To learn more about these types of workshops, call us or drop Robin an email at

Besides goal setting mentioned above, ELP is without peer in understanding high risk/high hazard organizations. Tossing in some more managerial brio, we’ve been recognized across several industries for our abilities to design and execute Leadership Academies. All of these forces intersected recently as we were asked to build a Leadership Academy for the world of Corrections. Specifically, ELP is joining hands with one of the true visionary leaders in the Corrections arena, Dan Keen, who is the Director of Corrections in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. As a former Vice President of the Pennsylvania Prison Wardens Association, few know leadership better than Dan Keen. Together, we are building and launching a Leadership Academy in the first quarter of 2017, at one of the largest Corrections facilities in Pennsylvania. To learn more about our Leadership Academy line of services, please contact Robin Bichy at Dan Keen recognizes what most others ignore—the competitive advantage of any organization rests in the leadership capacity of its supervisors and managers. So, don’t wait. Contact Robin today to learn more.

We got some feedback that leaders liked our last post of what we were watching, and some leaders have already watched our recommended documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. We understand, however, that not all of you have a couple of discretionary hours lying around. For those of you this applies to, we suggest minutes—not hours. So, we’ve kept with the theme but just shortened it by a substantial magnitude. We’ve been told that watching a single TED video a month makes us better. Better people. Better leaders. Better parents. Etc. We’re not sure we agree or not, but we do have some favorites, and here’s one of the all-time bests. Enjoy and, as you watch, ask how this relates to your team and your organization. Ask yourself not a leadership question, but ask a follower question. Who is your first follower? Just, maybe, perhaps followership is more important than leadership.

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