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After many requests, ELP is proud to announce that it now fuses its proprietary Strategic Performance Management process and its simplified, strategic One Page Plans into formal performance evaluations. Most performance evaluations are cumbersome, not intuitive, are long, and are just an overall hassle. Everybody hates them. Not ours.

With a mindset that ‘beauty = simplicity’, we have created the easiest, simplest, and most potent performance evaluation tool ever used. It can be done in 5 minutes. It can be updated frequently to make it a living document as opposed to the dreadful ‘annual review’. Coupled tightly to our simplified, strategic One Page Plan process, we guarantee that our performance evaluation system will show a stepwise improvement in personal and organizational performance.

Once the bane of many jokes and an object of utter ridicule, we’ve found a way to make performance evals short and meaningful. Also, our performance system, unlike others, focuses both on behaviors + results.

Stop using a system that nobody uses, everybody hates, and derives no value. Call Robin Bichy, an ELP founder and principal, at 703.999.5676 to learn more on how you can be on the cutting edge of performance evals. C’mon…the ‘annual review’ must go, and we can help!

ELP is proud to announce that over the last two months, we have keynoted at events for several large organizations. In September 2014, ELP Principal and Founder Dr. Evan Offstein, SPHR talked to 90 leaders for the fastest growing convenience store chain in the country, Sheetz. While not often considered a high-risk, high hazard firm, Sheetz is known for its exacting standards, its operational precision, and its adherence to the highest of safety standards in building its stores. Based on his book, Gridiron Leadership, one of the participants noted that the message delivered was “the best leadership discussion he’s heard in years.”

In October 2014, ELP spoke at Greenbrier’s board meeting regarding ethics and honorable leadership. Based on Dr. Evan Offstein’s book, Stand Your Ground: Building Honorable Leaders the West Point Way, ELP delivered a powerful message to Greenbrier senior leaders and board members. Greenbrier, one of the world leaders in ELP’s fast growing rail services segment, realizes that safety and sustainable performance must be based on a strong, unyielding, ethical core.

To learn more how ELP can guarantee the ethical leadership development of your team, reach Robin Bichy, an ELP founder and principal, at 703.999.5676.

The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) recently conducted their two-year review of one of our nation’s largest nuclear power stations. A significant and notable highlight in the report was the steady surge in Operations Department performance. One of the interventions mentioned in this report regarding the dramatic acceleration of performance was the use of ELP’s Strategic Performance Management system, in general, and our simplified, strategic One Page Plans, in particular.

The reason ELP exists is to provide pioneering and unparalleled performance gains. We are proud of our collaboration and partnership with this specific nuclear station as it continues on its upward trajectory.

To learn more on how we can unlock these types of performance gains in your organization, please contact one of our original founders and principals, Robin Bichy, at 703.999.5676.