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ELP is different. We aren’t run-of-the-mill. One of the things that sets us apart is that our opinions, our analysis, our judgments, and our inferences tend to be based on research and the best that new theory can offer. Toward that end, ELP has authored another internationally acclaimed paper on the subtleties of proper Command and Control Leadership. The presentation, hosted by the International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), will be held this June in Rome.

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At ELP, we take pride in all of our partnerships, both corporate and non-profit sectors and clients. In April, though, we secured a particularly special client—the U.S. Army. Specifically, Dr. Evan Offstein, SPHR, one of the original founders and principals of ELP, was handpicked to engage our nation’s very finest. On April 13th, Offstein is to speak to approximately 100 officers at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The topic is ‘How to Build and Embed Ethics and Honorable Leadership into Army Units’. This is Offstein’s second appearance in San Antonio to speak to U.S. Army officers and enlisted personnel. Of course, you don’t have to be an Army unit to appreciate this April’s message. Rather, the notion of honorable leadership should apply to all.

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ELP is proud to announce that for the second time in six months, ELP leadership was handpicked to lead a Root-Cause-Evaluation (RCE) team at one of our nation’s largest utilities. This particular RCE, with immediate relevance to the entire nuclear industry, will further cement ELP as a leader in the design and execution of RCEs. Known to grade out at the highest scores, we also lead RCE teams that deliver under budget and on time—every time. Most importantly, we demand the highest levels of critical thinking and challenge the most sacrosanct of assumptions to make sure every rock gets turned. The result is a focused, but incredibly rich, RCE. In turn, this allows us all to learn and apply those lessons with immediate and focused zeal to the field.

To learn more how we can apply our Root-Cause-Methodology to your team or organization, reach out to Ray Kniphuisen, one of ELP’s founders and principals. Known for his steady hand, calm demeanor, and without peer talent as a team builder, he can offer glimpses into our breakthrough processes that will surely prevent future breakdown events.