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Together with Dr. Rebecca Chory, a Michigan State doctorate, ELP Principal and Founder, Evan Offstein, will be presenting a blind, peer reviewed empirical paper regarding instructor/trainer leadership and how that influences student behavior. The paper is entitled: Friends, Lovers, & Drinking Buddies: Faculty Dual Relationships and their Impact on Student Conduct. The conference is the flagship Academy of Management Conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia on August 9-12. Using regression analysis and factor analysis in the scale development, the essence of the manuscript is that when trainers, instructors, and faculty step out of role and assume friendships and romantic partnerships with those that they train, lead, and instruct, student/trainee incivility and aggressiveness increases. To learn more about how this may influence how you select and influence the success of your training cadre, reach out to Dr. Evan H. Offstein at or call him direct at 240.727.5965.

Ray Kniphuisen, an ELP founder and principal, likes to volunteer. He's the kind of guy that gives blood three or four times a month-just to help. Ray also makes volunteers better. For years, Ray has worked with the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS). Using many of our ELP processes, he's made these critically important volunteers better and more responsive leaders. At ELP, we enjoy working with large companies, but we also enjoy, if not thrive, on making non-profits more efficient and more effective. Perhaps, there's no better example of this than Ray's years of work with VAVRS. To learn more about how we can employ our techniques to build a world-class non-profit operation reach out to Ray at

Over the last several years, ELP has had their fingerprints on some of the most successful off-site retreats. Whether for a department, division, or corporate level, we can help expertly plan and partner to transform these events. Too much time and energy is spent on many off-sites without the appropriate attendee value or organization return on investment. We can change that.

To learn more about her secrets for successful off-sites, reach out to ELP Founder and Principal Robin Bichy today at