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Our very own Dr. Evan Offstein will be speaking to VIPs on March 15th at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, the very university that brought us Dennis Miller of Saturday Night Live fame. Talking about his first and third books, Offstein will be emphasizing ethics and honorable leadership in our higher educational system and how to transfer some of these value sets to young professionals. To learn more about Point Park University and some of the innovative and compelling degree programs they offer, visit To hear a message on honorable leadership that’s been delivered to Fortune 500 firms and our nation’s best colleges and universities reach out to Evan at

Every now and then, we like to brag about something other than ourselves! In this case, we want to brag on an ELP client. Greenbrier and its subsidiary, Gunderson, have always been considered industry leaders in the production of world class rail cars and barges. Just a couple of months ago, they beat even their own high expectations. We are proud to announce that Gunderson delivered a vessel that the industry is still talking about. Hull 106, a pioneering example of quality, craftsmanship, and engineering expertise left Portland in mid-November. We are proud to say that Gunderson built this vessel with a ruthless focus on industrial and environmental safety and an uncompromising devotion to quality standards. This technically superior barge was built via exceptional teamwork and strong executive decision-making. Of course, we are proud of all of our clients who continue to surpass many of their peers. We are thankful to be part of their upward journey. Every now and then, though, we are even surprised at the stepwise performance gains that we see. This is one such case. To learn more about Gunderson's commitment to safely producing high quality rail cars, barges and vessels, please visit their website at:

Hey, since we are talking about lying, cheating, and stealing, let’s stay on topic for a minute and talk about security. Data security, that is.

Recently, ELP chose to build our performance evaluation platform with Tecodo. Not only have they built a world-class product that automates much of our single page plan methodology, we’ve also chosen them to host our proprietary platform.

To learn more about our pioneering and amazingly simple, but effective, approach to performance evaluation (a system that truly works), or to learn more about Tecodo’s cloud services and data protection capabilities, please ping Evan at or visit our Tecodo partner’s website at You’ll be glad that you did.