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For all intents and purposes, this newsletter centered on executive coaching, mentorship, and the distinguishing factors that set ELP apart. Proving our worth as true, unchallenged thought-leaders is one such degree of separation. And we just got more evidence. Dr. Evan Offstein, one of ELP’s principals and original co-founders, just learned that he won Best Paper recognition in the Management Education division of the annual Academy of Management conference (by far, the most respected conference in all of business/management). With contributions and submissions from all across the world and from institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Princeton, and MIT, this achievement is truly noteworthy. Fewer than 5% of all submissions qualify for Best Paper status. What is particularly remarkable is that Dr. Offstein has done it twice in the last three years. This year’s award winning submission is entitled Breaking Bad: Impact of Instructor Attempts to Gain Favor on Student Incivility and Dishonesty. To learn more or for a copy of this manuscript, please email Evan at

We don’t like to make this eNews all about us. We prefer to brag about the successes of our clients. Kevin Shuba is the CEO of Omni-TRAX, and his is a story of what can be achieved when you link team alignment and executive courage. Omni-TRAX is a leading short-line rail and transportation services firm based in Denver. With the erosion of much of the energy sector over the last 18 months, most within the rail industry staggered and limped along. Not so at Omni-TRAX where they moved north of 300,000 carloads last year, a 5% increase over the previous year and one of the best years in recent memory.

At ELP, we know it to be true; true performance is untenable without extraordinary leadership. Kevin is a gifted communicator and is skilled at aligning his team around a vision. Without question, these results could never have been possible without team ‘buy-in’ and alignment. Kevin Shuba also possesses an oft-overlooked executive characteristic—courage. While many leaders will ‘hunker down’ in the face of adversity, truly competitive leaders will launch bold, but disciplined, action. One need look no further than Omni-TRAX’s recent acquisitions of Peru Industrial Railroad and Sand Springs Railway as evidence of this trait. In the face of industry adversity, an also-ran leader will exhibit fear. A special leader will demonstrate courage. We are proud that Kevin Shuba and his executive team linked up with ELP to drive results and affect cultural change.

To learn more about Kevin and Omni-TRAX, please click here or visit the website of one of the world’s leading short-line railroads at Don’t forget to get on board with ELP, as well, at!

Nobody does off-sites well. Most view them as a colossal waste of time and money. For most, teamwork/leadership off-sites are a place where headaches and unfulfilled promises and unmet expectations go to die. Definitely not true with ELP. Just ask the largest privately held short line railroad in North America. Not good enough? Query one of the largest bulk waste storage operators in the United States. We’ve captured the genie in the bottle here. Over the last two months, we’ve designed and delivered off-sites of such quality that they are without peer. Seasoned executives with decades of experience can’t even think of a comparable example. ELP closed February with an off-site so potent for one of our clients, they are still talking about it. One associate has admitted that daily execution and teamwork behaviors changed due to this off-site. Whereas most off-sites fall woefully short, ELP nails it. For the architect of this offering, please contact Robin Bichy at You’ll be glad you did.