Chris Jones

Leadership Coach

Chris JonesChris is an Executive/Leadership Coach and OD Specialist for ELP. Chris holds a B.A. degree from Wright State University in the field of Organizational Communication. He also earned his Professional Writing certificate, also from Wright State University.

If there was a living and breathing epitome of what it meant to be well-rounded, it would, quite likely, look a lot like Chris Jones. It is a testament to Chris’s talents that he can succeed in a variety of scenarios. For instance, there are few better than Chris as it relates to training and instruction. He built those skills while working as an expert trainer and facilitator for such organizations as LexisNexis and the University of Dayton’s Center for Leadership and Executive Development. Chris also developed world-class persuasion and motivational skills; attributes learned on the job by selling, and then leading, capital campaigns to major non-profits in his role as Director of Development for Power 10, one of the largest economic development/capital campaign firms in the Southeast. In addition to top-shelf soft skills, Chris, unbelievably, possesses some technical chops and is unafraid of technical procedures as he was a process manager for Fortune 500 firm, MeadWestvaco.

At ELP, Chris earned high praise by tackling the most difficult of projects and the most difficult of leaders. With a positive attitude that is both disarming and contagious, Chris was part of the core team that led improvements at one of the largest commercial nuclear power stations in the Northeast. Chris showed that he was no one-trick pony, by replicating these same results with an equally large utility in our nation’s Southeast region. Again, it is Chris’s unabashed positivity coupled with crystal clear written and verbal communication that make ELP clients demand Chris Jones, time after time.

Chris’s personal interests are about as well rounded as his professional talents. Chris sits on several non-profit boards to include the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, as well as, the Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI). Chris’s interests include social media where he’s become somewhat of an internet sensation with his positive and uplifting musings about leadership, life, and personal renewal.