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After more than a century of decline, our nation’s railroads and rail systems are back. In fact, few industries can touch the growth prospects of rail. With our nation depending and demanding more from our rail operations, the opportunities appear abundant. This growth is at odds with decades, even centuries, of doing things a certain way. Furthermore, and unlike many industries, rail, by its very nature, is a decentralized endeavor.

The environment in the rail sector now is a perfect storm. There are incredible competitive opportunities; however, they are wrapped in a sense of urgency, many regulations, and decentralized operations.

Rail Segment:
  • Who will capture the market?
  • How will new safety and environmentally driven regulations be met on schedule?
  • What measures ensure aging infrastructure will support industry growth?

When mismanaged, risk increases, profits decline, and safety scores tumble. Derailings in North Dakota, Lac-Mégantic, and Philadelphia and Hyndman, Pennsylvania offer glimpses of what can occur when leadership and risk management go off the tracks.

ELP's innovative Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process integrates core tenets of strategic planning, executive/leader coaching and assessment, and will keep the trains safely running on time. All clients experience an immediate improvement in core performance, efficiency measures, and importantly, quality and safety metrics. For example, one client enjoyed > $1 million in savings and improved safety metrics within the first 90 days of partnering with ELP.

The pioneering and revolutionary integration of strategic planning, coaching, and assessment, created and perfected under ELP, guarantees speedy and more accurate communication, better vertical and horizontal integration, and unlocks accountability mechanisms that define and enforce safety and operational standards. The result is straightforward—more accountable and engaged behaviors allow accelerated franchise growth resulting in steadily improving safety performance, revenue and EBITDA. As our nation’s energy profile continues to surge, the strategic relevance of rail will follow suit. Our energy backbone is rail. Organizations that focus and drive alignment will move freight faster, safer, and better than those that don’t. Those organizations move with ELP.

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