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Nuclear Power Plant

More than 80% of all nuclear power stations receive some variant of management feedback that leadership, and the organizations they lead, are misaligned and unfocused. This lack of alignment and focus, insidious in its impact, negatively influences safety scores, equipment reliability, capacity factor and Human Performance (HU). Meanwhile, it dangerously propels stations toward high-risk transients such as unplanned power outages, or personnel safety mishaps.

ELP's innovative Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process integrates core tenets of strategic planning, executive coaching and assessment that arrests and then reverses the decline in focus and alignment. All clients experience an immediate improvement in core performance, quality and safety metrics. Two of our clients experienced full quartile improvements in the industry recognized INPO index within the first nine months of working with ELP, while another station saved approximately $7 million per year by reducing their unplanned power interruptions from four to zero in a 12-month turnaround.

The pioneering and revolutionary integration of strategic planning, coaching and assessment, created and perfected under ELP, guarantees speedy and more accurate communication, better vertical and horizontal integration, and unlocks accountability mechanisms that define and enforce safety and operational standards. The result is straightforward—more accountability, engaged behaviors, and steadily improving INPO scores.

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