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Manufacturing is making a historic resurgence across much of the United States. But, without question, this surge in manufacturing activity is meaningfully different compared to the industrial growth that occurred post WW II.

Today’s manufacturing environment is more complex with the need for precision and quality higher than it has ever been. Complicated supply chains, the advent of robotics and automation, and the appeal of artificial intelligence (AI) all work to make manufacturing a remarkably different enterprise. While technology is a change agent that all manufacturing processes must contend with, some of the blocking and tackling of all manufacturing retains its prominence. For instance, industrial and environmental safety continue to reign supreme.

All organizations utilitize technology, people, and processes. The key difference in performance is how the people are led; leadership matters!

What contemporary manufacturing needs is a tool that can blend the old with the new, that can manage complexity without overwhelming the workforce, and that can integrate human processes with the quick-changing manufacturing procedures that are common across the industrial landscape. Fortunately, ELP’s proprietary Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process is a tool that can provide incredible focus even amidst highly complex and technical contexts. Well chronicled for finding “the signal among the many noises” associated with heavy manufacturing, ELP’s SPM Process is a calming influence on the turbulence that is today’s American manufacturing sector. Armed with a tool that enhances human and machine processes, our clients can claim spectacular results in the pivotal manufacturing dimensions of safety, environmental stewardship, quality, and, of course, efficiency. Don’t take our word for it; our bragging rights are substantiated by one of the largest heavy manufacturers west of the Mississippi. Get what they get. Get SPM. Get ELP.

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