Improved Leadership. Competitive Advantage.
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For the better part of a half-century, global finance upped their reliance on technology and more advanced computer modeling as the hedge against risk. Even after the most catastrophic financial meltdown since the Great Depression, the dominant logic continues to focus on equations, ratios, rules, and regulations.

Where in the global dialogue is the notion of focus, alignment, ethics, and most importantly, leadership?

ELP is your organization’s cartographer, and we transform financial institutions to better manage their risk through a step-wise and sustainable investment in strategy and leadership.

Drawing upon lessons learned from the world’s riskiest organizations—nuclear power stations—we seamlessly transfer our model to the world of global finance. Fusing simplified strategic planning, leader/executive coaching, and HR/culture assessments, a process we term Strategic Performance Management (SPM), we guarantee results. Our pioneering and revolutionary process heralds a return to the fundamentals. Within weeks of launching our Strategic Performance Management Process, organizations and finance leaders of all stripes will reduce their risk profile while simultaneously improving profitability.

The focus and accountability that our process provides impacts every facet and every level of banking and finance. From branch expansion, to launching new initiatives such as credit card campaigns, to driving an improvement in major indices such as the CAMELS index, our process never fails. We offer the most attractive equation imaginable.  Our process unlocks value and drives a surge in profits while simultaneously minimizing risk.

While some may invest in abstractions and others may get behind equations and models, we offer a simple but revolutionary solution:  hold dear to simplified strategic planning to provide focus and alignment—then double down on leadership. At ELP, this is our portfolio. Partner and invest alongside us in making the world of finance safer and more profitable....

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