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According to the Energy Information Administration (, the United States consumes nearly 98 quadrillion BTUs, almost 19% of the world's energy consumption. The continued and increasing demand for energy creates some innovative ideas, but also some safety concerns. For example, crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken Shale is more volatile than crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico, providing some unique challenges and safety concerns for refineries and crude transporters.

Given the uncertain but growing industry, focus is needed—along with purpose and intentionality. At ELP, we bring control to chaos. We make all energy endeavors safer and more profitable. ELP's innovative Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process integrates core tenets of strategic planning, executive/leader coaching, and assessment that will help energy providers safely meet our nation's energy needs. Our pioneering and revolutionary process focuses on the fundamentals, honorable leadership and a passionate focus on safety.

Partnering with ELP, clients experience an immediate step-change in leader behavior, resulting in accelerated and improved performance, as well as quality and safety metrics. One example is OmniTRAX Energy Solutions, which resulted in a quantum improvement along several safety metrics while growing from $1M to $38M in one year.

The unique integration of strategic planning, coaching, and assessment, created and perfected under ELP, guarantees speedy and more accurate communication, better vertical and horizontal integration, and unlocks accountability mechanisms that define and enforce safety and operational standards. The result is straightforward—more accountable and engaged behaviors and steadily improving safety and performance metrics.

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