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Correctional Facility

As of 2019, the prison and correctional facility system in the United States holds 2.3 million people across multiple levels of incarceration—the highest populations being held at state prisons and local jails. The population of our nation who work in these facilities as correctional officers, wardens, or support staff is close to half a million people.

In this essential industry, the need for improved systems and processes to better protect both the inmates and the officers who work with them is paramount. When prison leadership does not have a defined vision for their employees, liability risks become more frequent and increased turnover is inevitable.

With Leadership Academies and Development programs, ELP can pinpoint the exact needs of your facility through a comprehensive needs analysis. Next, we create a curriculum and syllabus that produces a more cohesive team environment that benefits every person from the cell to the executive offices. Our Leadership Academies create more aligned teams who enjoy open communication and are better suited to manage expectations through frequent, constructive feedback.

"If you want to unlock the leadership potential of your team and build a more aligned cadre of leaders, you must go with Excelerated Leadership Partners and their custom Leadership Academies. ELP exceeded our expectations and, thanks to them as a force multiplier, we accelerated our transformation into a high performing organization anchored on exceptional leadership...”
– Brian Clark, Past President of PPWA, Director of Corrections, Dauphin County Prison

Through proven methods and finely honed best practices, ELP is in the unique position to transform your facility and educate wardens, executive management, and correctional officers of any rank to improve safety operations, increase organizational efficiency, and reduce the rate of turnover.

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