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Railroad Rebuilds Safety Culture & Reliability

OmniTRAX, Inc., based in Denver, CO, is one of the largest short-line railroad companies in North America. It started in 1986 with one short-line RR (Great Western Railway of Colorado – GWR) and now operates 21 RRs in the United States and Canada.

OmniTRAX hired Kevin Shuba as CEO knowing he would take the organization above and beyond its prior moderate success level.

After a few short months, Shuba made the executive decision to bring ELP on board. The OmniTRAX-ELP team aligned quickly on building and improving the company’s safety culture and revenue growth. Drawing on ELP’s revolutionary methodologies, our partnership also sparked a step-change improvement in reliability and ultimately EBITDA across their entire railroad system.


ELP’s Strategic Performance Management (SPM) Process

  • Executed a Needs Analysis.
  • Developed customized coaching lesson plans and tools.
  • Held ongoing meetings with Shuba and OmniTRAX leaders.
  • Developed individualized, strategic One Page Plans for each leader.
  • Provided one-on-one and team coaching focused on their respective One Page Plan.
  • Offered real-time feedback to the leaders.


  • 16% average YOY increase in EBITDA over 5 years
  • S.H.O.R.T values were developed early in the OmniTRAX – ELP partnership.
  • FRA Reportable Train accidents decreased by 45%.
  • FRA Reportable Injuries improved by 22%.
  • Incident costs reduced by 23%.
  • Operating Ratio improved every year
  • A more engaged workforce and leadership team, feedback rich culture.
SHORT Values
EBITDA graph